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Live Mysis 4 Pack-Reefphyto Ltd

Live Mysis 4 Pack


Live Mysis 4 X 150ml Packs Live Mysis shrimp are an excellent food extremely high in nutritional value for all medium to larger fresh and saltwater aquarium fish. Live Mysis shrimp induce an energetic feeding response in even finicky aquarium fish. Mysis shrimp boast naturally higher fatty acid profiles and Omega-3's than enriched brine shrimp...

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Live Copepods-Reefphyto Ltd

Live Copepods


Live Copepods Live copepods are small crustaceans that can be used as live food for saltwater aquarium fishes, corals and other invertebrates. Our live copepods are shipped in a pouch which is 50% liquid/copepods & 50% oxygen for shipping purposes. If you would like more information about Live Copepods then please have a look at our FAQ sh...


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Live Rotifers-Reefphyto Ltd

Live Rotifers


What Are Live Rotifers? Live Rotifers (Brachionus plicatilis) are very tiny animals measuring between 150-360 micrometers. Rotifers are often raised as food for live corals and fish larvae. They are the ideal starter food for species of fish such as clownfish fry which have tiny larvae with very, very tiny mouths. Almost any marine aquarium will...


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Phytoplankton Culture Kit-Reefphyto Ltd

Phytoplankton Culture Kit


Phytoplankton Culture Kit Our Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton Culture kit is an easy way to start your own culture at home, keeping a constant supply of fresh phytoplankton flowing for your reef & zooplankton cultures. What's Included? 1 - 250ml Pouch of Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton Starter Culture 1 - 100ml Pouch of Reefphyto Nutrient, Gui...


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Zooplankton Multipack-Reefphyto Ltd

Zooplankton Multipack


Zooplankton Multi Pack Consists of: 1. 5 Species Phytoplankton 2. Live Rotifers (Enriched) 3. Live Copepods Various pack sizes are available, please choose from the options above. All pack sizes include 100ml copepods eg. 500ml Pack  = 500ml 5 Species Live Phytoplankton + 500ml Live Rotifers + 100ml Live Copepods What Are Copepods? Copepods are...


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Copepod Culture Pack

Copepod Culture Pack


Copepod Culture Pack Our copepod culture kit comes in two sizes "Lite & Complete" to start culturing your own copepods. Just add synthetic seawater and follow the instructions here in our knowledge base and you could be harvesting your copepods within the next 4 - 8 weeks. Copepod Culture Pack Lite: 1. 200ml Live Copepods. 2. 30ml Live Copep...

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Zooplankton Live Food Mix-Reefphyto Ltd

Zooplankton Live Food Mix


Zooplankton Live Food Mix Pod-Shots  50ml pouch of live copepods for your finicky fish eaters.  Live Copepods are small crustaceans that can be used as live food for saltwater aquarium fishes, corals and other invertebrates. If you require a larger volume of copepods then take a look at our live copepod pouches Roti-Shots  Are live enriched ro...

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Mandarin Food Pack Subscription-Reefphyto Ltd

Mandarin Food Pack Subscription


What is a mandarin pack? A mandarin food pack is a selection of weekly pouches that contains 30ml of live copepods. If you are worried about your Mandarin, Scooter Blenny, Seahorses or Pipefish not getting enough food then these food packs are an excellent choice.  Mandarin fish are methodical slow eaters, shy and non-aggressive by nature, so...

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Reef Phytoplankton

Live Reef Flourish-Reefphyto Ltd

Live Reef Flourish


Live Reef Flourish Reef Flourish concentrated live phytoplankton has been blended to feed and benefit all marine life in your aquarium including zooplankton. Particle sizes are from 1-20 microns and 1ml contains approx 500 million cells. Suitable for: Reef Flourish is suitable for oysters, clams, mussels, and scallops, sea squirts, soft corals, ...


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5 Species Phytoplankton-Reefphyto Ltd

5 Species Phytoplankton


5 Species Phytoplankton We have combined 5 different concentrated species of phytoplankton bringing essential nutrition & benefits to a reef aquarium. Our 5 species is one of our best-selling phytoplankton products as its a great all round feed for your aquarium containing different size strains for all your inhabitants. The 5 different stra...


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Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton-Reefphyto Ltd

Nannochloropsis Phytoplankton


Nannochloropsis Oculata Most of the animals on a coral reef are very effective at capturing either zooplankton, phytoplankton or both from the water that passes over them. Many of these animals can and do capture phytoplankton directly, and the ones that cannot, such as the fishes still take advantage of the nutritional quality of these tiny alg...


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Reef Flourish Super Concentrated Phytoplankton-Reefphyto Ltd

Reef Flourish Super Concentrated Phytoplankton


Reef Flourish Super Concentrated Phytoplankton Our concentrated live phytoplankton has been blended to feed and benefit all marine life in your aquarium including zooplankton. Particle sizes are from 1-20 microns and contains NO PRESERVATIVES. Our concentrate is so strong 1ml contains approx 2 billion cells. Reef Flourish is a complete algae re...


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