5 Species Phytoplankton

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5 Species Phytoplankton

We have combined 5 different concentrated species of phytoplankton bringing essential nutrition & benefits to a reef aquarium.

Our 5 species is one of our best-selling phytoplankton products as its a great all round feed for your aquarium containing different size strains for all your inhabitants.

The 5 different strains are 1. Nannochloropsis 2. Tetraselmis 3. Isochrysis 4. Pavlova 5. Thalassiosira weissflogii

Many of these animals can and do capture phytoplankton directly, and the ones that cannot, such as the fishes still take advantage of the nutritional quality of these tiny algae by preying on small animals that do eat them (such as copepods, rotifers and mysids).

5 Species Phytoplankton absorbs undesirable chemicals present in many reef aquariums, such as ammonia, nitrite, nitrates, phosphates, silicates, etc.

Intended uses: Feeding directly to Reef tanks, Copepod Cultures, Brine shrimp culture, Rotifer culture, and many more uses. Many marine animals feed on this phytoplankton. Clams, Scallops, Feather dusters, Coco Worms, Corals, Pods, Copepods, Amphipods, Sea fans, Shrimp larvae, Rotifers, Brine shrimp, Any kind of filter feeder, and many more.

The shelf life of this product is 6 weeks from the date of delivery.

Keep refrigerated.

Why does your 5 Species Phytoplankton have a strong odour?

Check out our knowledge article here explaining why!

Phytoplankton Benefits

• Brighter coloured corals 

• Faster coral growth 

• Greater polyp extension

• Increased zooplankton and copepod populations

• Mysid populations will bloom due to the increase in copepods.

This product cannot be cultured. If you wish to culture our phytoplankton then please see our culture starter.

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