Established in 2008, Reefphyto is your go-to supplier for live food catering to the needs of marine fish and corals. We are the only dedicated brand in the UK providing premium Live Phytoplankton, Rotifers, Copepods, Zooplankton, and high-quality dry foods, all grown and cultivated under our watchful eyes at our UK facility.

Why choose Reefphyto? Our reputation is built on over 15 years of dedication to helping you meet your coral and fish feeding objectives while supporting all your reefing requirements. Trust in our brand has enabled us to expand our reach and care for countless marine keepers.

At the helm of Reefphyto is Darren, who is committed to and experienced in every facet of live marine food and culture. We guarantee unrivalled customer service and knowledge of marine aquarium foods and the general reef-keeping hobby. We aim to offer a wide range of products and guide you in every step of your new or existing hobby.

We understand the delicacy and urgency of live food, and to accommodate this, we promise an excellent order turnaround time. Place your order before 1 pm (Mon-Thur), choose our courier service, and in most cases, your products will be shipped within 1 -  2 working days, depending on the delivery service selected.

Furthermore, we offer Live food Subscriptions. You can establish a repeat live food order with our service. We'll remember your order, delivering it as often as you prefer, so you don't have to!