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Dried Shrimp


Freeze Dried Shrimp 1 - 2 cm

Reefphyto Dried Shrimp is a great way to treat your tank inhabitants. They are dried very gently and are subject to strict quality control. This is the only way to get shrimp of high quality and pure sorting free from foreign substances.

Dried Shrimp are important sources of protein and fibre, which is why they can be used as a high‐quality supplemental or main feed for fish. Due to its low density, the feed floats on top for a long time and is eagerly eaten by tropical, marine & pond fish.


  • 100% shrimp from ecologically clean waters
  • Dried very gently ‐ size 1‐2 cm
  • Excellent alternative to Gammarus
  • Rich in high‐quality protein and important fibres
  • Also suitable for smaller fish


    • Crude protein 62.5%
    • Crude fat 4.3%
    • Crude fibre 2.9%
    • Crude ash 17.8%
    • Moisture max. 12%

      Feeding Recommendation

      Feed 1‐2 times a day as much as can be eaten in a few minutes. The shrimp float on top for a long time.