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Rotifer Culture Kit

Culture Kit

Our Live Rotifer Culture Kit is available in 2 variations "Lite & Complete" 

Just add synthetic seawater and follow the guide here on our website and you could be harvesting your live rotifers within the next 7 days.

Rotifers Culture Kit Lite:

1. 500ml Live Rotifers.

2. 30ml Rotifer Feed.

3. 3.5 Litre Clear Culture Container.

4. Filter mesh for straining and feeding live rotifers.

5. Rotifer culturing guide is available here on our website

6. Airline & Control Air Valve

Rotifer Culture Kit Complete:

All the 5 items above plus:

7. Air Pump (2.0w 1.8 LPM) with UK Power adapter.

Do i need a light?

Rotifers are phototrophic (attracted to light) but do not require it to reproduce.

Do i need a heater or sieve?

A heater is not required if you are culturing in your home.

If your culture will be situated somewhere where the temperature is not maintained like an outbuilding, shed or garage, then a heater should be used to maintain a temp of 20 deg.

A straining mesh to sieve the live rotifers is supplied with your kit

(Culture container provided may be a slightly different design / shape than shown in photo)

Air Pumps are also available separately should you need one.