Rotifer Culture Guide

Comprehensive Rotifer Culture Guide by Reefphyto

Welcome to the exciting world of rotifer cultivation! This detailed guide will help you grow and maintain a healthy rotifer population using your Reefphyto Rotifer Culture Kit. Follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure optimal growth and a sustainable culture.

Equipment and Setup:

1. Selecting Your Culture Vessel: Choose a container between 3 to 10 litres. This will be your culture vessel.

2. Preparing Seawater: Use fresh, clean seawater with a specific gravity of 1.019 to 1.021, suitable for the rotifer strain provided. Avoid using water from existing aquariums to prevent contamination.

3. Air Pump and Tubing: Your kit includes an air pump and airline tubing. This setup will keep the rotifer food suspended. No air-stone is required.

4. Cover: Use a cover to minimise evaporation and prevent dust and impurities from entering the culture.

Culture Initiation:

1. Fill the Vessel: Fill your container halfway or up to two-thirds with the prepared seawater.

2. Airline Setup: Connect the airline to the air pump and place the end into your culture vessel. Ensure a drip loop and check valve are in place to prevent water from reaching the pump or electrical outlet.

3. Feeding: Add Reefphyto Rotifer Feed until the water turns a leafy green colour.

4. Introducing Rotifers: Add the live rotifers from the starter pack into the vessel.

Maintenance and Monitoring:

1. Lighting: Rotifers are phototrophic but do not require light. However, they are drawn to light sources.

2. Feeding Routine: Continuously feed the rotifers to maintain a leafy green water colour. Monitor for overfeeding, which can lead to high ammonia and nitrite levels.

3. Water Changes: Perform 50% water changes every 14 days to manage water quality and remove waste products.

4. Population Growth: Monitor the growth of your rotifer population. Once established, you should see a noticeable increase in numbers.


1. Using the Mesh: Harvest rotifers using the fine mesh included in your kit. Strain the desired quantity over a sink or bucket.

2. Refresh Water: Replace the strained water with fresh seawater. Never reuse old water.

3. Clean Culture Environment: Regularly clean the bottom and sides of your vessel to remove waste buildup. Alternatively, transfer the culture to a clean container every 14 days.

Holiday Mode (Hibernation):

1. Preparing for Absence: If you need to leave your culture unattended for several days, you can leave your rotifers dormant.

2. Setting Up: Transfer a litre of culture into a 1-litre container, loosely covered to allow oxygen exchange.

3. Feeding and Cooling: Add enough Reefphyto Rotifer Feed to darken the water and place the container in your refrigerator.

4. Reactivating Culture: Upon returning, reactivate your culture by following the initial setup steps.

Important Tips:

Monitor Water Quality: Regularly check water conditions to maintain a healthy environment.

Avoid Overcrowding: Ensure your culture is not overly dense, which can lead to reduced health and reproduction.

Stay Informed: Refer to our website for additional tips, troubleshooting, and advanced techniques.

Following these guidelines will ensure a thriving rotifer culture, providing a consistent supply of live food for your marine organisms. Happy culturing!