Reef Equipment

Reef Equipment
Interpet Nano Heater 10W-Reefphyto Ltd

Interpet Nano Heater 10W


Interpet Nano Heater 10 W The Nano Stat Aquarium Heater 10 Watt for 12 litre (2.6 gallon) tanks comes complete with an in-built thermostat making it ideal for maintaining a suitable environment for your aquarium inhabitants by ensuring a stable water temperature all year round. The in-built thermostat triggers the heating elements to turn off on...

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JBL Artemio 4 Sieve Combination-Reefphyto Ltd

JBL Artemio 4 Sieve Combination


JBL Artemio 4 Sieve Combination 4 top quality sieves to separate live food from transport water. Sieve sizes: 0.15 mm, 0.30 mm, 0.60 mm and 1.00 mm. Perfect for Artemia, mosquito larvae, Tubifex, water fleas etc. All sieves, used in succession, separate live food, e.g. water fleas, into different sizes to feed different sizes of fish according t...

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Marina Minerva Digital Thermometer C/F-Reefphyto Ltd

Marina Minerva Digital Thermometer C/F


Marina Minerva Digital Thermometer C/F Water temperature is an important factor that affects the health of fish. The MARINA LCD vertical mount digital thermometer (3'' 7.6 cm in length) is accurate and easy to read. It ranges from 19 to 30 degrees C (66 to 86 degrees F). and comes with an adhesive backing which makes it easy to mount to the outs...

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Rotifer Sieve Net-Reefphyto Ltd

Rotifer Sieve Net


Rotifer Sieve Net Our rotifer sieve material-bottomed round plastic receptacle that is used to collect copepods allowing you to quickly and easily add them to your aquarium. Our net has a fine 53 micron net that stops the rotifers passing though as they are collected in the cup. Diameter of the sieve is 3.5 inches.

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Transfer Pipettes-Reefphyto Ltd

Transfer Pipettes


Transfer Pipettes Pack X10 Ideal for transferring small quantities of liquid, or feeding small animals to your aquarium. This pack contains 10 Pipettes.

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VicTsing Salinity Refractometer-Reefphyto Ltd

VicTsing Salinity Refractometer


VicTsing  Salinity Refractometer This product is the New Aluminum Salinity Salt Refractometer, which is designed to measure the concentration of saline solution, and the food with the salt, seawater, and briny.It is perfect apply in measuring all kinds of vegetables pickled in soy sauce, pickled vegetable, salted and preserved vegetables, salt ...

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