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Waterlife Coral Food 250ml


Waterlife Coral Food is a staple food for invertebrates, tunicates, feather dusters etc.

InvertFood is a suspension of plankton and other marine derived proteins, vitamins, amino acids and mineral salts for filter feeders.

Supplies the immediate food needs of invertebrates, such as sponges, tunicates and feather duster worms etc.

Can also be used as the staple diet of marine fry Increases fertility of the seawater, which beneficially raises the plankton count within the aquarium

Fortified with Vitamin B12 and other vitamins which promotes robust health.

Fortified with vitamin B12 and other vitamins. Suitable for seawater.
120ml / treats up to 2400 litres
250ml / treats up to 4800 litres