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Premium Wheatgerm Pond Koi Sinking Pellets

Premium Wheatgerm Pond Koi Sinking Pellets

Ideal for feeding pond fish during colder water temperatures when below 15 degrees celsius. The pellet size is 4.5mm

These pellets are designed to sink as Koi and other pond fish sometimes like to graze from the bottom of the pond.

Fish are more susceptible to disease and other health issues when at their lowest body weight and feeding ad-lib when temperature permits and fish are readily taking will help maintain body weight and condition.

Wheatgerm inclusion is a more digestible protein source for fish during colder winter months when fish metabolism slows down.

Analytical components:
Crude protein 37%, Crude fat 7%, Crude fibre 2.1%, Crude ash 8.9%, Phosphorus 1.31%, Calcium 1.6%, Sodium 0.3%

Wheat, fish meal, soya dehulled-extracted-toasted, wheat germ, wheat gluten, lecithin, monocalcium phosphate, algae, krill meal, yeast derived product, inulin, binder.