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Polyp Lab Polyp Booster


Polyp Lab Polyp Booster 100ml

The Polyp booster from Polyp Lab is an all-in-one nutritional solution designed to trigger the feeding response of all scleractinian corals, crustaceans, inverts and fish within 30 seconds, improving their health and vibrancy fast and effectively.

The 100ml solution contains 18 amino acids (60% of dry weight), up to 120ppm Astaxanthan pigment from natural sources and 12 fatty acids (20% of dry weight). This specialised blend of superior nutrition delivers a broad spectrum of beneficial compounds that allow corals and other inhabitants to thrive.

Polyp Booster works by improving the coral's ability to absorb food sources once a feeding response is triggered. The 100ml glass bottle of solution comes equipped with a dropper for accurate and easy administration and is a must have for all low-nutrient systems. 

The Ployp Lab Polyp Booster is safe to use on all marine aquariums and for best results it is recommended that the solution is used in conjunction with Polyp Lab's Reef-Fresh coral supplement system and true Reef-Roids for optimum vibrancy and growth.

Bottle Size: 100ml

Superior nutritional solution 

Triggers feeding response in crustaceans. scleractinian corals, inverts and fish

Effective within 30 seconds


Safe for all marine aquariums