Live Bloodworm

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Live Bloodworm 115ml

Live Bloodworm are small red active worms around 10mm in length and are the larvae of chironomid midges, they naturally occur on the bottom of rivers and ponds.

It is suitable for feeding most tropical freshwater and coldwater aquarium fish and is excellent for getting finicky species to feed, as well as a treat for other fish.

Live bloodworm is supplied in a sealed bag, but sizes and amounts may vary from bag to bag. Our photo shows the contents of a typical bag.

It is best to strain the contents through a fine net prior to use so transit water is not introduced into the aquarium.

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      How Do I Store & Feed?

      We recommend you use your live food as soon as possible while it's at its best.

      To feed simply snip the top off the pack and strain the live food through a fine sieve. Once strained add the live food to your aquarium after first turning any skimmer or return pump devices off.