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Hikari Marine A Pellets


Hikari Marine A Pellets 110g

Protein-rich staple diet for popular marine aquarium fish. Nutritious daily diet boasts flavor that appeals to all types of marine fishes and most crustaceans. Marine A is a daily diet for large marine fish, especially angelfish, butterfly fish, and tangs.


Feed no more than your pet will consume within two minutes 2 to 3 times each day. Care should be taken to avoid over-feeding and no food should remain after the feeding period.

Prior to feeding you may soak Marine A in a cup of purified water for a few minutes to make the pellets elastic and sponge-like resembling the foods your fish would instinctively eat.

This unique pellet won't crumble or fall apart during feeding and is readily accepted by most finicky marine fishes.

  • Offers superior color enhancement and active reduction of color fading
  • Contains clam extract which improves palatability, even finicky eaters will love it
  • Contains seaweed meal and pure-cultured spirulina to meet the nutritional requirements of plant eating marine fishes
  • A complete and balanced combination of necessary nutrients including DHA and EPA to reduce stress
  • Marine-A- becomes sponge-like rapidly and is easily assimilated thereby reducing waste.