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Gamma Slice Frozen Rotifers

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Gamma Slice Rotifers 250g

Gamma Food is Tropical Marine Center's well-established, quality range of frozen fish food and the company has launched its new 250g flat packs under the "Gamma Slice" brand name. These foods are used here in the Quality Marine facility to feed our fishes and invertebrates.

What sets it apart from other frozen food is that, after it is rapidly packed, sealed and frozen, the food is then Gamma irradiated. This completely eliminates any risk of introducing harmful parasites or bacteria into your aquarium, and also means that the food is completely safe to store in your freezer.

Apart from being 100% safe and using only 100% natural products, the new Gamma Slice packs are available with a wide variety of ingredients.
Contains approximately 250g of food.

Frozen goods may thaw partially or completely during shipping, this does not degrade quality providing refreezing is immediate on the day of delivery.

All our frozen foods are gamma heat treated.

Frozen foods are shipped to the UK only