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Easy Life Test Strips 6 in 1


Easy Life - Test Strips 6 in 1

The Easy-Life 6 in 1 fresh water test strips quickly provide you with reliable information on most important water quality measurements in your aquarium. 
Simply dip the strip briefly into the water for about 30-60 seconds and then compare it with the colour scale on the packaging. 

Each bottle contains 50 test strips each for testing:

  • pH (range 5.5 - 9.5)
  • Total alkalinity (KH/TAC)
  • Total hardness (GH/TH)
  • Chlorine content (TC)
  • Nitrite (NO₂)
  • Nitrate (NO₃)


Step 1: Remove 1 test strip from the tube. Close tube tightly after removing strip. Avoid touching the reagent area (coloured reactive section) on the strip.

Step 2: Immerse the strip in water for 2 seconds. Do not move the strip around. Take the strip out of the water and give it a shake to remove excess water. Allow the colours to develop.

Step 3: At 25 seconds compare the value in the following order: pH (1), KH/TAC (2) und GH/TH (3) and TC (4) by comparing with the colour chart on the bottle. Nitrite (5) and nitrate (6) values can be compared after 60 seconds.

Keep the container and instructions for use in the box packaging. Store at room temperature in a dry place. Please make sure that the container is always closed tightly to keep it airtight. Do not store in direct sunlight or temperatures of more than 32°C / 90°F. Keep away from children and pets.