Why does my phytoplankton have a strong odour?

At Reefphyto, we're passionate about providing the best for your reef aquarium. Our concentrated phytoplankton products are a fantastic source of nutrition for your corals and other aquatic life. However, some might wonder why our phytoplankton smells so strongly when they open the container. In this easy-to-understand blog post, we'll explain why our concentrated phytoplankton smells so robust.

The Power of Concentration

  1. A Lot in a Little: Our phytoplankton smells so strong because there are many phytoplankton cells packed into a small amount of liquid. We concentrate the phytoplankton to provide a potent dose of nutrition for your aquarium.

The Scent of Phytoplankton

  1. Different Species, Different Smells: Phytoplankton is like a big family with many species; some produce special chemicals as they grow. One of these chemicals is dimethyl sulfide (DMS), which has a unique smell. DMS is naturally found in the ocean and is often associated with the sea's aroma.

  2. Decomposition's Role: Like leaves in a forest turn into soil, phytoplankton breaks down over time. When it does, it releases various compounds, some contributing to the strong scent. This natural breakdown is part of how your aquarium recycles nutrients.

Why It's Great for Your Aquarium

  1. Nutrition-Packed: The strong scent shows how nutritious our concentrated phytoplankton is. It's like a nutrient powerhouse for your corals and other aquarium inhabitants, helping them grow and stay healthy.

  2. Efficient Feeding: Because our phytoplankton is so concentrated, you can use a small amount to feed your aquarium. This efficiency means less waste and a longer-lasting supply for your aquarium.


The strong smell when you open our concentrated phytoplankton indicates its potency and nutrition. It's like a superfood for your aquarium, supporting the health and growth of your corals and other aquatic friends. So, embrace the unique scent, knowing you're providing the best for your underwater world with Reefphyto's concentrated phytoplankton. Happy reef-keeping!