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Roti-Shot - Pre-Pay - Subscription


Roti-Shot - Pre-Pay Subscription

A Roti-Shot subscription is ideal if you would like a fresh pouch of live concentrated rotifers delivered to you weekly to feed your aquarium.

How does the pre-pay subscription work?

1 month supply = 4 pouches / 1 X 50ml pouch per week. 

When you place your order a payment of £19.99 will be charged for the subscription upfront. Each week we will send you an order number confirmation via email to let you know your weekly installment has been dispatched. When your monthly payment is due to be billed again on week 4 this will happen automatically until you cancel this in your subscription control panel or by contacting us to complete this on your behalf.

Roti-Shots are live enriched rotifers sealed in a 50ml quick feed pouch. Each pouch has a population density of 100 to 300 rotifers per ml of water, that's approx 10000 rotifers per pouch.

How do i store my Roti-Shots?

Place your pouch or pouches in the fridge and use within 3 days of delivery.

If you would like more information about Live Rotifers then please checkout this link on our website.

Our Live Rotifers may contain copepod nauplii as we culture our rotifers and copepods together. Before shipping live rotifers to our customers we strain out the copepod nauplii but some may still be present in the liquid.