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Premium Carbon & Phosphate Remover Combo

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Premium Carbon & Phosphate Remover Combo

Save 10% when you purchase this combo kit which consists of both our 500ml Activated Carbon & 500ml Phosphate Remover.

Reefphyto only sell's high quality granulated activated carbon, for use in both freshwater and marine aquariums, along with ponds. Carbon will remove any toxins from your water, and will give the water a final ‘polish’, leaving your water crystal clear!

Traditional pelleted activated carbon has a very low surface area. The even shape means that only the outside surface of the carbon is exposed to your water, so the middle area never actually does any filtering. The more surface area which is exposed, the more carbon you actually get for your money! This is why we supply granulated activated carbon, which has a huge surface area compared to traditional pelleted carbon, saving you money!

Dosage: We recommend that 50g of carbon should be used per 50 litres of aquarium water. Change carbon after 3-4 weeks, or when aquarium water discolours.

Phosphate Remover

Reefphyto Phosphate Remover is a powerful ferric iron-based media, suitable for use in both freshwater and marine reef aquariums. This media helps to reduce nuisance algae associated with high phosphate levels.

Phosphate in marine reef aquariums affects the calcification of stony corals and should be kept less than 0.05ppm. In Freshwater aquariums, phosphate will fuel algae growth and should be kept at a maximum level of 0.1ppm.

Dosage Guidelines: Use 100grams of media per 330l of tank water. Test phosphate levels with a reliable test kit, and increase/decrease dosing as relevant.