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D-D H2 Ocean Pro+ Reef Paste


D-D H2Ocean Pro+ Reef Paste Food 140g

An innovative way to provide a nutritional diet for all fish and corals in the marine aquarium over an extended natural feeding period. The paste contains a blend of specially selected fish and shellfish extracts together with a sticky nutritional protein based binder allowing it to be stuck onto the glass or living rock. Reef paste has a complete balanced profile and contains a unique soluble amino acid feeding trigger to enhance the feeding response in both fish and corals.

To use

Roll a ball of reef paste and stick it directly to the glass or rock structure. As the paste is eaten by fish it will release a fine particle cloud into the water which will feed corals, filter feeders and micro-fauna. The high levels of whole powered krill provide natural colour enhancement.

 All Natural Ingredients

This new range of food uses a wide assortment of highly nutritional natural ingredients including spirulina, fish, tuna, mussel, clam, decapsulated brine shrimp eggs and other marine sourced proteins. This selection offers a much wider availability of essential elements, amino acids and proteins to provide a complete and varied diet to even the most demanding species of coral and fish.

Special Feeding Trigger

By selecting and infusing key soluble amino acids into each of these foods, this acts as a chemical scent which incites the a feeding response that will have fish going into a frenzy, and corals opening out within minutes of introduction to the water column. This trigger is essential in letting corals know the food is present so they can open up and capture the prey items efficiently before they are removed by filtration systems.

Food Particle Size

Each food has been specifically designed to provide a range of food particle sizes relevant to the animals in question, for example large polyped stony corals such as Lobophyllia or small polyped corals such as Acropora or filter feeding organisms such as clams, gorgonians, molluscs, fan worms and other fauna both large and small. Feeding the correct particle size has been scientifically proven to offer a much higher capture and retain rate compared to capture and rejection.

The end result, your corals will consume more food with less going to waste. This food does not require refrigeration but store out of direct sunlight.