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Bio Trace Elements Marine Supplement


Bio Trace Elements Blue Treasure Marine Supplement 450g

 The Bio Trace Elements Supplement including Sr, Li, Rb, Mn, Ba, V, Al, Mo, I, Ti, Fe, Co, Cu, Vitamin B1 and B12 etc. other trace elements which can supply the trace elements consumed by marine animals.

Direction for Use:

Premix the Bio Trace Elements Supplement totally into the water to be added. Calculate the Volume of aquarium water, and add the Bio Trace Elements Supplement according to the volume. A level of measuring spoon can measure Bio Trace Elements Supplement appro.10 g/0.35OZ which can mix in 380 L/100 U.S. gallon water.

Add once a week.


Please don’t directly add the Bio Trace Elements to your tank. To avoid the stress reaction of marine animals, recommend to premix Bio Trace Elements before mixing.