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What is a mandarin pack?

A mandarin food pack is a selection of weekly pouches that contains 30ml of live copepods.

If you are worried about your Mandarin, Scooter Blenny, Seahorses or Pipefish not getting enough food then these food packs are an excellent choice. 

Mandarin fish are methodical slow eaters, shy and non-aggressive by nature, so they will have a difficult time competing with other faster eating and more aggressive tank mates. When having a Mandarin, consider carefully what type of fish you house them within the aquarium. Not so much that other fish will attack them directly, but they will consume the mandarin’s food source faster than the Mandarin.

Fish like Mandarin and Seahorses need to eat food all day. Feeding them once or twice a day is not sufficient. With this in mind, if you plan your tank setup carefully, you can achieve longevity and health in your Seahorses and Mandarins.

How many packs do i get?

Each week for the number of months you subscribe, we will send you a single 30ml pouch of live copepods for feeding your mandarin / blenny or other finicky fish eaters.

For example 1 month supply = 4 pouches / 1 X 30ml pouch per week. 

Shipping is included in the prices and all subscriptions are dispatched on a Thursday to the address of your choice.

How do i feed them?

To add them to your system, simply cut the top off the pouch and pour directly into the aquarium.

It's best to add your weekly pouch to the aquarium when the aquarium lights are off in the evening or early morning as this gives them the best chance to survive while sinking to the bottom and propagating your live rock

What if I'm out when my pack arrives?

Single mandarin packs are small enough to fit through a standard letter box if your not home when the postman arrives.

Our subscription packs are shipped to the UK only.