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Rotifer Enrichment


Rotifer / Artemia Enrichment

Marine microalgae contains the important nutritional elements needed for larval development including fatty acids (especially EPA and DHA), carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, and sterols.

The body of a rotifer has very little nutritional value - the stomach contents and eggs are where the nutritional value exist.

Rotifers can be fed on a variety of small micron feeds and the resulting rotifer will have the nutritional profile of those feeds. The last 6-12 hours of feeding are the most important for determining the value of the rotifer.

The shelf life of this product is 3 months from the date of delivery.

Keep refrigerated.

More Info

There are several diets available for growing rotifers, but by far the best diet is marine microalgae.

Microalgae produces almost no fouling in your system (unlike powders and emulsions) so it is much easier to maintain long term rotifers cultures.

Our Rotifer Enrichment product contains a high concentration of Nannochloropsis and Isochrysis phytoplankton.

Rotifer enrichment can also be used for enriching brine shrimp.


Add 1 - 5 drops of rotifer enrichment to your live rotifers 6-12 hours before feeding to your fry or corals.