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Roti-Shot - Live Rotifers


Roti-Shot - Live Rotifers

Are live enriched rotifers sealed in a 50ml quick feed pouch.

We enrich our rotifer before dispatch which means you receive phospholipids-rich rotifers to feed your corals or larve.

Roti-Shots can be used as a single quick feed which are nutritious for your live corals or even clown fish fry, just cut the top off the bag and feed directly to your aquarium.

If you require a larger volume of rotifers then take a look at our live rotifer pouches.

What Are Live Rotifers?

Live Rotifers (Brachionus plicatilis) are very tiny animals measuring between 150-360 micrometers. Rotifers are often raised as food for live corals and fish larvae. They are the ideal starter food for species of fish such as clownfish fry which have tiny larvae with very, very tiny mouths.

If you would like more information about Live Rotifers then please check out this link.

Our Live Rotifers may contain copepod nauplii as we culture our rotifers and copepods together. Before shipping live rotifers to our customers we strain out the copepod nauplii but some may still be present in the liquid.