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Live Zooplankton


Live Zooplankton

Is a mixture of live copepods and live rotifers.

Our live zooplankton is shipped in a pouch which is 50% liquid/copepods & 50% oxygen for shipping purposes.

Please click live copepods or live rotifers if you would like more information.

What are copepods?

Copepods are small crustaceans that can be used as live food for saltwater aquarium fishes, corals and other invertebrates.

What are live rotifers? 

Rotifers (Brachionus plicatilis) are very tiny animals measuring between 130-200 micrometers.

Rotifers are often raised as food for live corals and fish larvae.

How To Feed?

We ship our zooplankton in a plastic pouch.

To add them to your system, simply pour the pouch directly into the aquarium or sump. It is important to add them to your aquarium on the day of delivery.