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Live Copepods


Live copepods are a preferred food source for a good many fishes and invertebrates.

Adding copepods to your aquarium will help corals enormously as they expand their feeding tentacles out at night. Mandarin fish, wrasses & scooter blennies will be plump as they are always on the prowl for the next bite. Nuisance microalgae will be under tight control. There will be a significant reduction in the accumulation of detritus. Live rock and sand will have an overall cleaner appearance.

Copepods can be found in virtually every natural marine ecosystem. And, their impact on these ecosystems is generally quite strong. By feeding on the particulate organic matter, protozoans and (especially) microalgae and then, in turn, is consumed by higher animals such as fish and corals copepods facilitate the transfer of food energy from lower to higher levels of the food chain.

And copepods are not just naturally abundant; they have a very impressive food value. They have a high protein content (44-52%).

Our live copepods are shipped in a clear pouch which contains 50% liquid/copepods & 50% oxygen for shipping purposes. 500ml Pouches contain 250ml water 250ml oxygen yet hold 500ml as a number of copepods.

How To Feed?

We ship our copepods in plastic pouches with a removable screw lid.

A pouch is a sealed plastic wallet that contains your live food and fits through your letterbox. Pouches are ideal if you are not going to be home when the postman arrives.

See how Ben Cook adds Reefphyto's Copepods to his new marine setup

To add them to your system, simply pour the pouch directly into the aquarium on the day of delivery. Please note - If you order for example 250ml copepods then we may ship them in 200ml of water, however, the volume of copepods are not reduced for that pack size. Should you need a copepod sieve / net then we have them in store here.

If no refugium is present, you may add all of the copepods directly to the sump (consider shutting off the protein skimmer for a time if one is present). If the system does not have a refugium or a sump, consider adding at least some of the copepods when the aquarium lights are off on the day of delivery.

(Live copepods should be decanted on the day of delivery).

Which Species Do You Stock?  

We stock Harpacticoid copepods (Tigriopus Californicus)

They are substrate-dwelling copepods (“benthic" copepods). They feed on microalgae, detritus and even flake fish food. Some harpacticoids are cannibalistic and will eat other copepods if no other food source is present in the aquarium.

How Do I Culture Copepods?

If you would like to culture Live Copepods then please click here for our culturing guide. 

Should you need a copepod sieve / net then we have them in store here.