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Premium Spirulina Granules


Premium Spirulina Granules 120g

Premium Spirulina Granules is a natural product which contains a high protein value and various vitamins all to improve the colour of the fish. This food is mostly used for marine fish but can also be used to feed tropical fish.

It is important that you feed tangs and other marine fish a good variety of live, frozen, and prepared formula foods with emphasis in vegetable and spirulina.

Our granules are partly sinking and partly floating to feed fish in all the various layers of your tank


Fish and fish derivatives, Spirulina, Molluscs and Crustaceans, Cereals, Yeasts, Derivatives of vegetable origin, Oils and fats.


Raw protein 37%. Raw fat 6.0%. Moisture 8.0%. Raw ash 10.1%. Raw fibre 1.8%. Calcium 1.9%. Phosphorus 1.4%. Sodium 0.3%.

Benefits of Spirulina

When fed spirulina, chances of successful cultivation improve greatly.

Spirulina has many health benefits for marine fish as it enhances the immune system to a higher level which helps fight off disease.

Fish breeders have discovered five key benefits to using feeds with spirulina:

1) better growth rates,

2) improved quality and coloration,

3) better survival rates,

4) reduced medication requirements,

5) and reduced waste in the effluent.