Aqua Core Collection

Aqua Core Collection

Aqua Core produce a range of quality fish foods and aquarium accessories. All Aqua Core products are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.

Take a look at the product range which will be slowly growing over the coming months.

Premium Seaweed Flakes-Reefphyto Ltd

Premium Seaweed Flakes


Premium Seaweed Flakes 20g Seaweed Mixed Veggie Flakes a great food for all  herbivorous fish (Saltwater & Freshwater) contains a mix of several seaweeds including red, green and purple varieties.Just rehydrate and sprinkle into the aquarium, easier than using a clip for standard seaweed sheets!Freeze dried to preserve all the goodness. Abs...

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Shrimp Cocktail-Reefphyto Ltd

Shrimp Cocktail


Shrimp Cocktail A quality mixture of various shrimp & crustacean species in whole freeze-dried form - suitable for feeding to all aquarium fish (Marines & Tropical / Freshwater) a superb occasional treat food or regular addition to your fishes diet in conjunction with other dried, fresh and frozen fare.Ideal for larger predators as well...

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Zoo Fusion Micro - LPS / Anemone Food-Reefphyto Ltd

Zoo Fusion Micro - LPS / Anemone Food


Zoo Fusion Micro - LPS / Anemone Food Zoo Fusion (Micro) is a powdered food for carnivorous corals, filter feeders, anemones and other marine inverts. Its small particle size is ideal for even the fussiest reef inhabitants (approx 50-400 microns) Great for either broadcast or target feeding individual animals.Packed with essential nutrition. Si...

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